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Do You Need a Permit to Widen Your Driveway? Navigating Toronto's Regulations

March 28, 2024
This is an example of a contemporary landscaping in Toronto.

Widening your driveway in Toronto can offer practical solutions for parking and accessibility, but it's essential to understand the city's regulations before proceeding. Whether you're looking to widen a private driveway or a mutual right of way, the need for permits varies based on several factors. Let's explore the scenarios and regulations involved in widening driveways in Toronto.

Scenario 1: Widening a Mutual Driveway

Mutual driveways, also known as Rights of Way, are shared between neighbours. If you're considering widening this type of driveway to create parking pads, you will need a permit from Transportation Services, City of Toronto. The city's By-Law governs whether such modifications are permitted, and navigating its complexities can be challenging. At Green Apple Landscaping, we specialize in understanding these regulations and have assisted homeowners in Toronto for over 30 years.

Scenario 2: Widening Your Private Driveway

Widening a private driveway in Toronto to accommodate additional parking on the City Right of Way or City portion of the front yard is generally not allowed. However, exceptions exist if the driveway leads to the backyard, and the distance between houses at the narrowest point is less than 2.2 meters. In such cases, it might be possible to apply for a legal parking pad, subject to By-Law criteria and the specific Ward regulations.

Scenario 3: Widening for Accessibility

If the primary goal is to enhance accessibility by adding a walkway abutting the driveway, you may need to surrender an existing front walkway. Redesigning the front yard to incorporate the new walkway along the driveway can provide more room for exiting vehicles. As with other scenarios, obtaining a permit from the City is essential to ensure compliance with regulations.

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Widening your driveway in Toronto requires careful consideration of local regulations and obtaining the necessary permits. Whether you're looking to create parking space, improve accessibility, or address safety concerns, compliance with the city's By-Laws is crucial. Green Apple Landscaping has extensive experience in assisting homeowners with navigating these regulations and obtaining permits for driveway widening projects. For over three decades, we have been dedicated to helping homeowners achieve their property improvement goals while adhering to Toronto's regulations. When it comes to widening your driveway, trust our expertise to ensure a smooth and compliant process.

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