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Inspiring Outdoor Living as Spring Emerges

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North York Front Yard

Award Of Excellence Winner/Landscape Ontario

- New elegant and formal homes are springing up all over Toronto in older neighbourhoods replacing smaller more modest homes of another era.

- This stucco home had a dated, tired landscape. The original owners who built the house asked us to update the exterior.

- The front porch was redone with faux natural stone adding a step that replaced the awkward interlock landing.

- Connecting to the porch is a raised matching planter wall in front of the bay window and extending the cohesion further is an L-shaped matching stone wall that was designed further into the landscape.

- The old interlocking brick on the driveway and walkway were replaced with a monolithic 18"x36" structural faux flagstone to bring a grander feeling to the property.

- The plantings are tiered romantic and modern. The new pyramidal oaks on the property line bring a stately look and give some separation from the older more modest home next door.

We think that the home now reflects the 21st century with cleaner lines and massing of plant material.

North York Front Yard Makeover