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Inspiring Outdoor Living as Spring Emerges

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Riverdale Modern

Award Of Excellence Winner/Landscape Ontario

To say that this front yard was a jungle is probably an understatement as the before pictures will attest. You could hardly see the house, or walk up the walkway without hitting your head on a bush.

The client wanted a pure modern landscape while still maintaining some privacy from the neighbours and city sidewalk. In order to achieve this we removed everything except for the mature Fir tree, which we pruned the lower branches.

The clean horizontal lines of the warm cedar screens provide an appealing dramatic contrast with the large 24”x36” Banas black flagstones. Creating strong interest from the street making you want to enter, yet reminding you that only guests are welcome.

The masses of fine textured foliage plants give harmony and cohesion to the space. The Yew hedges and Feather Reed Grasses add to the winter interest and complete a sense of enclosure. The tall vertical grasses blow in the wind, some of which are planted linearly in black rectangular planters.

This home finds itself between properties that are not well maintained which only adds to it’s attractive appeal as a modern oasis in a barren territory of it’s street’s renovation malaise.

We are proud to have been given a design award for this project by Landscape Ontario.

Riverdale Modern