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Inspiring Outdoor Living as Spring Emerges

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Beach Backyard

Award Of Excellence Winner/Landscape Ontario

• The original backyard was a do-it-yourselfer with multiple grades, a shed at a lower grade in the back corner, and a wood deck that cantilevered over the lower back grade.

• Client had a motorcycle and bikes that they wanted to be able to roll into the new shed so rear of backyard needed to come up in grade to allow this function.

• Existing fencing was an array of styles. Needed a cohesive style throughout.

• Client wanted a more traditional perennial garden - not too modern – but liked ornamental grasses. Wanted to keep or plant new, Coneflowers, Black Eyed Susan’s, and Peonies.

• When we demolished the existing deck we found underneath an old foundation for the original garage that was removed years before.

• The new design incorporated horizontal board fencing with a new matching shed by Summerwood spanning the whole width of the property at the rear.

• The client was good friends with the neighbour to the north and did not want us to close off part of this side bordering them.

• In this small Beach backyard, there was only enough room for a dining patio or a lounging patio. The client opted for dining.

• The client wanted some bright red fall colour. We opted for two specimen Serviceberries.

• This charming space is loved by these clients.

Beach Backyard Makeover