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Inspiring Outdoor Living as Spring Emerges

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Beach Front Yard

In Toronto's upper beach area, a conventional front yard has undergone a remarkable transformation. Gone is the typical straight path; instead, a winding walkway now gracefully leads to the porch, inviting a more captivating journey. The once expansive lawn has given way to enchanting tiered planting beds adorned with ornamental grasses, accented by bursts of vibrant hydrangeas and a Japanese Maple for a pop of color.

Functionality meets beauty with the addition of a discreet mini shed for garbage and recycling bins near the porch, cleverly softened by Hicks Yew shrubs. New walkways and steps offer direct access to the driveway, ensuring convenience for both everyday use and garbage collection days.

The landscape's allure is further heightened by the durable and stylish Unilock's U-Cara walls and steps. To complement this, the porch boasts either refined PVC wood cladding or the rustic elegance of stained cedar, elevating the facade's visual appeal to new heights.

Beach Front Yard