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Beach Front Yard

This front yard in the upper beach area of Toronto was your typical front yard with a walkway/steps that was straight off the porch steps to the city sidewalk with an expanse of lawn.

This design adds a more interesting meandering approach to the porch, removes the lawn replacing it with tiered planting beds using mostly ornamental grasses.

The hydrangea and the Japanese Maple add a bit of colour and interest as well.

We introduced a garbage/recycle mini shed up near the porch to hide these bins with Hicks Yews to soften the structure.

The additional walkway/steps to the driveway allow a more direct connection to the mutual driveway and therefore to the bins on garbage day.

The walls and steps are made of U-Cara by Unilock. The porch refaced with either a PVC wood or stained cedar.

Beach Front Yard