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Inspiring Outdoor Living as Spring Emerges

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Thornhill Leisure

The client's wish list for their backyard included wanting a lush garden with seating for up to 12 people and to be able to eat outside with other couples and friends.

They wanted to spend more time outside and wanted no grass.

They were looking for a modern aesthetic to complement their modern interior choices.

They wanted a secluded area that they could access with stepping stones that would lead to a swing. Since they wanted no lawn, herbaceous ground cover was installed between the stepping-stones.

Banas Indian flagstone laid in a geometric pattern was chosen for a large patio that spanned the back of the house to create a lounging space and a dining patio. The front edge of the lounging patio was given a classical curved shape to move slightly away from the rectilinear of modern designs.

The existing fencing was a hodgepodge of different styles as sometimes happens in new subdivisions. Horizontal board fencing was built all around, partly by rebuilding some of the fencing, and some facing was done of the existing fence.

A lean-to shed was located on the side of the house to store cushions and bikes.

Beech trees were installed along the back to give privacy from second story windows on the neighbouring properties.

Low voltage lighting and irrigation was added.

Overall a leisure space was created in their backyard where they now want to spend time.

Thornhill Leisure