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Bloor West Village Front Yard Parking Pad

The project aimed to address the client's need for a practical parking solution in their front yard due to the scarcity of available street parking. The challenge lay in adhering to Toronto's stringent regulations for front yard parking while ensuring both functionality and visual appeal, sometimes compromising on walkway space to meet soft landscaping requirements.

The outdated front steps with poured concrete "wings" were redesigned to harmonize with the new landscape aesthetics as per the client's request. Additionally, the client desired a facelift for the existing porch concrete slab.

To achieve a modern curb appeal, we opted for Permacon Melville Tandem wall with a smooth face, extending its use to the risers of the new porch steps for a consistent look. Banas Kota Black copings and tread pieces were uniformly employed to maintain design coherence.

Ultimately, the project delivered a successful transformation of the city front yard, marrying functionality with an aesthetically pleasing design.

Bloor West Village Front Yard Parking Pad