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Inspiring Outdoor Living as Spring Emerges

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St. Clair West Front Yard Makeover

The front yard of this St. Clair West property was overdue for a transformation. The deteriorating porch and misplaced walkway failed to enhance the entrance's allure.

Responding to the client's desire for a more inviting pathway, we relocated it to a central position on the property. For visual interest, we opted for light grey concrete pavers laid in a linear pattern, alternating direction in each rectangle.

The porch underwent a complete overhaul, featuring a new poured concrete foundation and adorned with sleek black Indian flagstones.

In the realm of landscaping, we embraced a modern aesthetic. Yews were strategically placed against the house, complemented by low lime-colored ornamental grasses for a striking contrast. Boxwoods, Hydrangeas, and a Beech tree rounded out the selection.

As the Yews and Boxwoods mature and are expertly shaped into hedges, the front yard's curb appeal is set to soar.

St. Clair West Front Yard Makeover