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Inspiring Outdoor Living as Spring Emerges

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Riverdale Front Yard

Award Of Excellence Winner/Landscape Ontario

- This home north of the Danforth in Toronto was a typical minimally landscaped front yard with a walkway that led straight into the porch steps.

- The new design creates a more meandering entryway with the entrance on the opposite side. The other portion of the walkway is hidden by a low horizontal board screen creating a sense of mystery.

- The screens on the property lines create a sense of enclosure and privacy, also adding architectural interest.

- New wrap-around porch steps create a more relaxed approach to the porch while the glass railings give an updated look to the property.

- Ornamental grasses including Maidengrass and Sioux Blue modernize the look, while the Everlasting Revolution Hydrangea and Bloody Cranesbill add colour.

- Thirty-one lights give this front yard a spectacular look in the evenings.

Riverdale Front Yard