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Toronto Contemporary Backyard

This client was looking for "symmetry and simplicity". The existing landscape was in need of a complete overhaul due to a rotting deck and a makeshift piecemeal older landscape.

This time around they did not want a deck but still wanted something that looked like a wood deck. We had just the product for them, Techo Bloc Borealis pavers which look like decking but are in fact concrete pavers. They won't rot and they look great.

They wanted the usual three usable areas: an area for dining, an area for lounging, and one to BBQ.

The pergola was requested to add a sense of enclosure but also to block out the neighbours houses behind. Tall Purple Dawyck Beech trees were used in the back planter to also block the views of neighbours.

The horizontal board fence modernizes the space and creates the privacy from the neighbours. A simple BBQ area with a stone countertop was included to make BBQ'ing a bit easier.

Looking forward to installing this new design.

Toronto Backyard