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Beach Pad Parking

The client was delighted to learn during their initial call with us that we could secure permission for a legal parking pad on their property.

The project faced initial challenges due to the presence of weed trees. Upon contacting the Forestry Department, we were informed that an inspection was necessary to determine if these trees were protected. Fortunately, the inspection was promptly conducted, and the trees were approved for removal.

For the parking pad, we opted for permeable pavers, accented with a striking black paver border and a complementary front walkway. This choice not only enhanced the functionality but also brought a modern edge to the design through its bold contrast.

The landscaping was revitalized with a contemporary touch, incorporating classic plants such as Daylilies, Hosta, Bergenia, Sedge, Salvia, Yews, and Cedars, blending traditional charm with modern aesthetics.

We preserved the existing porch, shed, and one fence panel while introducing a new screen on the yard's opposite side to harmonize with the existing fencing, enriching the cohesive look of the outdoor space.

As a result, the client gained not only legal front yard parking but also a visually stunning landscape that complements their home.

Beach Parking Pad