Beach Pad Parking
- This client was thrilled to have been told on their first call to us that we could get them a legal parking pad. - There were some obstacles, namely, there were some weed trees existing that when I called Forestry was told that they wanted to come and inspect if they met their criteria for protected trees. Luckily, the inspector came out quickly and cleared them for removal. - We installed permeable pavers for the parking pad, with a black paver banding and front walkway. The deep contrast gave some definition and made the design more modern. - The plantings were a lush modern spin using more traditional plants such as Daylillies, Hosta, Bergenia, Sedge, Salvia, Yews, and Cedars. - The existing porch, shed, and fence panel was retained and we added a matching screen on the opposite side of the yard to tie into the other fence panel. - The client now has legal front yard parking along with an appealing landscape.