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Lawrence Manor Backyard Sunken Patio

This Lawrence Manor backyard was a new house build in the Marlee/Lawrence area of Toronto. The design features a hot tub, firetable, aluminium pergola, shed, sunken patio, and water wall.

The deck was an existing one but we added a basic outdoor kitchen tabletop and cabinets for the BBQ and a privacy screen. The existing smaller steps were replaced with full-length steps off the front of the deck.

The client wanted a sunken patio to create some privacy from the street and it definitely adds a dimension that is seldom seen.

The water wall will add some white noise to shield out the noises from the street and will be a dramatic feature. The fire table gives another layer of interest for when friends are over. The hot tub will add another activity to enjoy with the family. The aluminum pergola features purlins that move to direct how little or home much sunlight through them and can even be shut completely which will make the area water proof. The versatility on these pergola's are amazing.

Looking forward to building this job.

Lawrence Manor Backyard Sunken Patio