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Inspiring Outdoor Living as Spring Emerges

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Scarborough Front Yard

Our task was to enhance the curb appeal of a recently renovated Scarborough home. The builder sought a landscape design that would harmonize with the home's modern style while providing privacy from neighboring views. To achieve this, we installed sleek horizontal board cedar screens along the property lines and strategically placed columnar Dawyck Gold Beech trees.

Creating an air of elegance, low decorative walls with pillars were incorporated into the front yard, offering a refined space to display the address on the nearest pillar facing the street. Adding both aesthetic allure and functionality, a meandering rectilinear walkway was introduced, surrounded by a blend of contemporary and vibrant plantings that amplify the home's modern charm.

Overall, our efforts have significantly elevated the property's curb appeal, aligning the landscape seamlessly with the home's updated aesthetic.

Scarborough Front Yard