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Inspiring Outdoor Living as Spring Emerges

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East Danforth Backyard

In this petite Danforth backyard, the transformation was remarkable: the removal of the garage paved the way for a multifunctional haven catering to dining, relaxation, and outdoor cooking. The artfully arranged geometric stepping stones seamlessly link the two patio areas.

Strategically planted Dawyck Gold Beech trees along the rear fence ensure privacy from neighboring second-story windows, while the specimen Holmstrup Cedars along the side offer similar seclusion and year-round visual interest with their evergreen foliage. Vividly colored annuals in pots, flowering perennials, and elegant ornamental grasses infuse the space with summer vibrance.

A sleek, modern shed now occupies the former garage's footprint, providing practical storage and enhancing the overall aesthetic.

This revamped space promises to be a cherished retreat for family enjoyment and hosting gatherings.

East Danforth Backyard