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Inspiring Outdoor Living as Spring Emerges

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Woodbridge Backyard Entertainment

Our Woodbridge client sought to transform their dated 1980s backyard landscape into an inviting haven for social gatherings. The existing space boasted a pool and walkways but lacked areas conducive to entertaining.

To remedy this, we devised a comprehensive redesign, introducing four distinct functional zones. These included a dining patio, a dedicated lounging area, an outdoor kitchen enveloped by a pavilion, and an additional poolside lounging spot for relishing the water.

A spacious landing area outside the sliding doors granted access to these zones, accentuated by strategically placed raised planters. The lounging patio was enhanced by a encompassing seat wall, elevating its architectural allure.

The covered pavilion housed the outdoor kitchen and a bar countertop, providing an ideal space for engaging conversations while preparing meals and enjoying beverages. Stepping stones thoughtfully embedded within the grass interconnected all three entertainment spaces, contributing an extra layer of visual intrigue.

Our design aimed to provide ample space for our clients to foster meaningful connections with their friends and family, turning their backyard into a vibrant social hub.

Woodbridge Backyard Entertainment