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Inspiring Outdoor Living as Spring Emerges

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Bridal Path Modern Front Yard

Contemporary architectural trends have proliferated lately, and we're enamored with their sleek, crisp aesthetics, especially when it comes to crafting landscapes for these structures.

Our approach extends the modern simplicity outdoors. Echoing the house's concrete walls, the garden design harmonizes the architectural elements with the landscaping. It integrates a seamless transition through a poured concrete walkway and curbing, an interlocking brick driveway, and a coherent arrangement of uncomplicated, repeating plantings. It's a design that feels perfectly balanced to us!

In addition to the streamlined elements, a poured concrete address wall serves as a distinctive architectural feature, elevating this project to a uniquely exceptional status. This special addition accentuates the design, distinguishing it as something truly remarkable amidst the modern landscape.

Bridal Path Modern Front Yard