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Upper Beach Front Yard Parking Pad

This contemporary architectural residence in the Upper Beach area initially grappled with an asphalt "parking lot" upfront, aggravating basement flooding due to it being sloped towards the house.

The new design strategy centred around utilising monolithic precast concrete blocks to elevate the majority of the front yard, creating an inviting basement walkout area proximate to the house.

Ascending a steel staircase grants access to the second-story front door, while another steel staircase leads to the basement walkout entry.

The walkway stands out with its dark flagstone inlays amidst the interlocking brick paving. Strategically planted tall Beech trees on the left act as a natural barrier, concealing the view of a dilapidated neighbouring house.

Ornamental grasses and boxwood hedges were carefully incorporated to accentuate the home's modern aesthetic.

Upper Beach Front Yard Parking Pad