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Do I Require a Permit to Widen My Driveway?

March 9, 2024
Driveway Widening Toronto - Green Apple Landscaping - Experts in Front Yard Parking Pads

Navigating a mutual driveway, often referred to as a Right-Of-Way, shared with your neighbour can be a challenge, especially when it's too narrow to comfortably accommodate larger vehicles between the houses to backyard parking. This situation commonly arises in Toronto, where houses were built too close to each other in another era, leaving limited space for maneuvering.

Widen Your Mutual Driveway

If you're considering widening your mutual driveway to create a parking pad adjacent to it, you might assume it's a straightforward process since you own the land in the front yard. However, in Toronto, the front yard extends to include the boulevard or city portion, meaning any alterations, including parking additions, could and often does infringe upon city property.

Moreover, regardless of property depth, the City has implemented by-laws aimed at regulating activities on private properties to maintain green spaces and mitigate rainwater runoff, particularly concerning parking pads that can contribute to sewer overload during heavy rainfall.

Complex By-Laws

Fortunately, in older parts of Toronto (excluding Etobicoke, Scarborough, and North York), regulations are outlined in By-Law 918 regarding parking pads or driveway widening. Both types of parking fall for some years now fall under this same legislation. However, interpreting this legislation can be challenging, especially given varying ward boundaries and front yard parking bans enforced by some City Councillors.

Green Apple Landscaping to the Rescue

This is where Green Apple Landscaping steps in to simplify the process. With over three decades of experience since 1992, we specialize in navigating the complex regulatory landscape, assessing if your property meets criteria for a parking pad or driveway widening, and guiding you through the permitting process.

At Green Apple Landscaping, we offer a comprehensive solution—from permit acquisition to design and construction of your new front yard, inclusive of the parking pad. Consider us your one-stop destination for all matters related to front yard parking and driveway widening enhancements.

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