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Maximising Your Landscape Investment: The Essential Role of Irrigation Systems

March 2, 2023
Irrigation Head Spraying Plants

You just had us install a new landscape with plants and possibly fresh grass.

Maybe you don't think you need irrigation. You believe this because you have a green thumb. Or you think this because you believe you will have time to water your new plants. So let's get past the elephant in the room. Even with the best intentions, you will need more time to water your new garden than you will have. You will also almost certainly water the plants less than they need. Plants need way more water than you have time to stand out with a spray gun or move a sprinkler around. And what happens if you miss an area? Are you timing how much time you watered a particular area? People forget. People are busy, and usually, during the driest times of the year, they take their holidays.

Regular watering of your gardens and lawn will have them looking lush and green and cut down on plant and grass death.

Add to this that most landscape companies will only warranty your plants with a professionally installed irrigation system. They all know that their clients will not water enough, costing them plant replacements. Warranting living things is hard enough. Even with a computerized system, plant loss will always exist; they are living things. Even when plants are watered properly, there can be a 5-10% plant loss per job as there is sometimes transplant shock, and winter can be harsh on a new plant.

Sprinklers watering lawn

So when considering an irrigation system, consider it an investment rather than an expense because this is what it is.

Professionally installed watering systems will water with head-to-head coverage, meaning there is overlap so that no area is missed. Since the spraying pattern of irrigation heads spray in a circular pattern, this is required.

Rain Bird Wifi Controller

A professional irrigation system also has a controller/timer unit that is wifi controlled these days so you can make adjustments remotely. Your irrigation installer can also control it, so if you need an adjustment and can't figure out how to do it, text us, and we will connect remotely to the controller and carry out the changes. It's that easy.

So don't consider soft landscaping without investing in an irrigation system at your home.

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