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Simplify and Thrive: Crafting a Low-Maintenance Oasis with Modern Landscape Design

June 27, 2022
Inspiration for a mid-sized modern partial sun front yard concrete paver landscaping in Toronto for summer.

In response to one of the most frequent requests from our clients – the desire for a low-maintenance landscape – it's crucial to dispel the notion that expansive English-style gardens with a multitude of perennial varieties fit this criterion. Managing the distinct maintenance requirements of 50 different plants hardly qualifies as low maintenance.

For those aiming for a truly low-maintenance approach, the key lies in minimising the variety of plantings.

In Modern Landscape Design, we prioritise dwarf varieties of shrubs, trees, and perennials, significantly reducing the care they demand. In our approach, we typically incorporate 5-10 types of plants at most. This strategic simplification translates to fewer plants to master in terms of care.

It's not uncommon for clients to express a desire for low maintenance while simultaneously insisting on a landscape devoid of grass and filled with extensive planting beds. However, it's essential to recognize that numerous planting beds equate to more time spent on knees or crouched over weeding. To counteract this, we implement shredded bark mulch in all our planting installations, effectively reducing weeding efforts by about 90%. Moreover, the presence of planting beds often necessitates cutting down herbaceous perennials or ornamental grasses to the ground before winter or spring, emphasizing the need to minimize the number of gardens.

When delving into the concept of low-maintenance landscaping, it's crucial to approach it realistically and seek advice from seasoned professionals. With decades of experience in landscaping dating back to the 70s, we've encountered and addressed a myriad of challenges.

Consult with us to explore practical solutions, and let us design and implement a modern landscape tailored to your low-maintenance aspirations.

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