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Residential Off-Street Front Yard & Boulevard Parking

April 26, 2024
This is an example of a small contemporary full sun front yard concrete paver landscaping in Toronto for summer.

Boulevard parking in Toronto presents a unique challenge for homeowners seeking to optimize their property's parking solutions. With regulations and permits to consider, navigating the process can be daunting. At Green Apple Landscaping, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for boulevard parking, offering consultation, design expertise, permit acquisition, and construction services tailored to your needs.

What is Boulevard Parking?

Boulevard parking refers to parking spaces located partially or almost entirely on the City's property or Right of Way in your front yard, or in the case of a corner lot, on the flanking street. These spaces offer a convenient solution for homeowners looking to expand their parking options, particularly when parking is unavailable on a property or when the mutual driveway between your house and the neighbours house is narrow preventing safe travel to the backyard garage parking. However, due to municipal regulations developing boulevard parking requires careful planning and adherence to local guidelines.

Scenario 1 - Off of a Mutual Driveway - Driveway Widening

The situation where front yard parking may be allowed is when you have a mutual or shared driveway between you and your neighbour that leads to a garage or parking at the back of the house, however it's too narrow between the houses to safely pull a modern vehicle between the houses. In this situation either a straight or a diagonal parking space may be created in your front yard. A diagonal parking pad is only allowed if there is some kind of obstruction such as a tree, fire hydrant, or hydro pole, preventing it from being parallel to the mutual driveway.

See the following graphic that illustrates this.

Driveway Widening

Scenario 2 - Front Yard Parking Pad

The second scenario is locating a parking pad when you have no mutual driveway. As long as your property meets all the criteria in the by-law, you can create get the city to create a curb ramp that gives you access to a front yard parking pad on city property.

See the following graphic that illustrates this type.


Scenario 3 - Off Flanking Street - Corner Lots

Scenario 3 involves locating a parking pad on the flanking street for corner lots. The parking pad will need a curb ramp created and locates the parking pad either in the backyard or mostly on the city Right of Way.

See the following graphic that illustrates this.

Flanking Street - Corner Lot - Parking Pad

Scenario 4 - Common Curb Ramp to Two Parking Pads

Scenario 4 are situations where neighbours who don't have any driveway currently and agree to share a new curb ramp, and create parking pads on the city boulevard in their adjacent front yards.

No graphic for this one but similar to Scenario 1 graphic.


Get your property assessed today by Green Apple Landscaping to see if we can get you a boulevard parking pad. It features a comprehensive analysis and emailed answer. If your property does meet all the criteria in the by-law, we can then prepare a landscape plan, and submit an application to the City. Once the city approves the parking pad, we can even build it for you.

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