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Certified Landscape Design & Build Excellence: Discover the Green Apple Advantage

February 15, 2023
Landscape Certifications

Gone are the days of a landscaper armed only with a rake and shovel thrown in the back of a pickup. The realization has dawned that landscaping is not just about sod and plants; it's a highly skilled trade that warrants regulation. Landscape Ontario has taken the lead in this, implementing a rigorous certification process with thorough testing. Their active involvement in trade education at colleges underscores the professionalism required in the field.

As a dedicated landscape design and build team in Toronto, our responsibilities extend beyond the aesthetics of gardens. We often find ourselves constructing decks and retaining walls, navigating the same permit processes as other trades under the Ontario Building Code. Why does this matter? Well, our proficiency in adhering to OBC specifications ensures not just beauty but safety in our projects. Facing inspections with confidence is part of our commitment, offering our clients reassurance throughout the process.

For those who think certification is inconsequential, consider this: would you trust the dishwasher from your local restaurant to change the brakes on your vehicle? The analogy may be dramatic, but it underscores the importance of expertise in specific fields.

Selecting the right contractor is crucial, not just for peace of mind but for the success of the project. At Green Apple Landscaping, we pride ourselves on being Certified Landscape Professionals, Certified Landscape Designers, and employing Certified Landscape Technicians. These qualifications speak to our dedication to excellence and ensuring our clients receive top-notch service from a team of trained and certified professionals.

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