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Modern Landscape Magic: Transforming Gardens with Contemporary Zen Vibes

July 4, 2022
Green Apple Landscaping - Contemporary Modern Landscape Design - Toronto

Like most things, the reason for our move to modern design was at a gut level. Simply put, I stopped liking messy English gardens and started enjoying the harmonious simplicity of contemporary design. In addition, I noticed that my clients were decorating the interiors of their homes more modern.

Industrial design such as blenders and toasters had already made that shift. Something was changing in the world and me.

After making this shift, I had to explain this shift in words. Then, I had to explain it to my employees and my wife.

Well, it only makes sense for the times that we live. Most people today wake up to a smartphone telling them it's time to start their hectic day even though their sleep app says they did not rest enough. On a day filled with so much sensory input, stress levels rise far beyond what we had ever experienced in a single day just two decades ago.

There seems to be a pushback against this new hectic lifestyle. A resurgence is happening as our lives get exponentially more complicated with things that are supposed to make our day-to-day activities faster and smarter.

Front Yard Landscape

It's the simplicity of a modern design that attracts me and attracts our clients who like modern design. Tight uniform lines that flow well. Gardens with fewer varieties arranged in perfect rows. Horizontal board fences. Everything arranged to put your mind at peace. It is the new Zen garden for the 21st century. Uncluttered. A design that is organised and simple, beautiful yet strong. It says, "I am a modern person."

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