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Navigating Front Yard Parking Pads in Toronto: A Solution for Electric Car (EV) Owners

January 15, 2024
Front Yard Parking Pads for your new Tesla Electric Car

With the Canadian government's ambitious plan to transition to EVs by 2035, the City of Toronto faces a unique challenge – how do you charge your new electric vehicle if you don't have parking at your property? While many assume that front yard parking pads are banned in Toronto, the reality is more nuanced than it seems.

Living in a city where parking space is a premium commodity, the prospect of installing a legal front yard parking pad may just be the solution you've been looking for. Let's delve into the details and explore how this can be a game-changer for electric car owners.

The Front Yard Parking Pad Dilemma

In the City of Toronto, 13 out of 25 wards allow for front yard parking pads, provided certain criteria are met. Contrary to popular belief, it's not an outright ban across the city. However, in 7 wards, a ban on front yard parking pads exists, with appeals only considered under specific circumstances, such as the unavailability of street parking.

Key Criteria for Front Yard Parking Pads:

  1. Minimum Property Width: Your property must meet a minimum width requirement.
  2. Distance Between Houses: For properties with mutual driveways, a minimum width between houses is necessary.
  3. Tree Considerations: If a city tree or a private tree with a diameter of over 12" is near the proposed parking pad, a permit to injure the tree must be obtained.
  4. Curb Ramp Creation: If a curb ramp is needed as you don't have a mutual driveway already and there is street permit parking, proof of no loss of a permitted street parking spot is required. We can help with these calculations.
  5. Permit Parking Availability: In certain wards, permit parking spots on the street must be more than 90% sold out.
  6. Exemptions: Some wards allow exemptions for properties with permit parking on the street, while others do not.

City Response and the Electric Car Challenge

As of January 2024, the City of Toronto has not modified by-laws in most Wards to provide preferential treatment or exemptions for electric vehicle owners. In 2020, there were discussions about revising front yard parking by-laws to address the growing concern of charging electric cars. However, despite consultations with stakeholders, including Toronto Hydro, no changes were implemented.

Ward 19 Beaches Councillor Brad Bradford changes the by-law for his Ward

In the wake of Ward 19 Toronto Beaches Councillor Brad Bradford's proactive efforts presented to the City Council, he successfully eased certain front yard parking criteria in 2020 in his ward. This significant adjustment opens up the opportunity for a greater number of properties in his ward to qualify for front yard parking for EV owners.

Brad Bradford EV adoption in Toronto

Assessing Your Eligibility

If you're contemplating whether your property meets the criteria for a front yard parking pad, the first step is understanding the regulations in your ward. Green Apple, a company with over 28 years of experience, offers a comprehensive assessment to determine your property's eligibility. They specialize in consulting, designing, obtaining permits, and constructing front yard parking pads.

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As the push towards electric vehicles gains momentum, the challenge of charging infrastructure in a city like Toronto necessitates innovative solutions. A legal front yard parking pad could be the answer for those without dedicated parking spaces. By understanding the ward-specific criteria and seeking professional assistance, you can navigate the process smoothly. Green Apple's expertise in this field makes them a valuable partner for those looking to embrace electric vehicles in a city where parking is at a premium.

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