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Inspiring Outdoor Living as Spring Emerges

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Roots of Success

Peter Solti's Transformative Journey in Toronto's Landscaping Scene

1982 Article in North York Mirror

Unlocking Success through Diligence: A Personal Journey

Proverbs 13:4 wisely states, 'The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.' This profound truth has been a guiding principle throughout my life, particularly in my early years when I was blessed with a strong work ethic.

Seeds of Inspiration: A Summer Job at 15

In 1977, at the age of 15, I found inspiration during a summer job at a vitamin factory, where I realized my passion for the outdoors. It was during those outdoor lunch breaks, with the sunlight shining down, that the idea of working indoors all summer seemed contrary to my nature.

Bold Beginnings: Launching a Landscaping Company at 16

Motivated by this realization, I took the bold step of starting my own landscaping company at the age of 16. Crafting an advertising flyer, I distributed it to the houses near my residence, offering lawn fertilisation services.

From Flyer to Fertilisation Marathon: Weekend Triumph at 16

Armed with guidance from a neighbor in the same business, I secured wholesale fertilizer and embarked on a weekend marathon, working 12 hours a day to fertilize lawns using my mother's car. The earnings from that weekend allowed me to purchase an old van, marking the inception of my lawn and garden maintenance service.

Planting the Seeds of Entrepreneurship: Sabra Landscaping's Genesis

The success of the first year led to an unexpected opportunity – a client requested a hedge to be planted. Despite my lack of experience, they expressed confidence in my abilities. Seeking guidance from a neighbour with a landscaping company, we tackled the project together.

Rooted Passion: Transitioning to Landscape Construction

Discovering a newfound love for planting, I decided to venture into landscape construction and founded Sabra Landscaping with a specialisation in complete makeover projects. Connecting with a landscape architecture student, I hired her to design gardens for my growing client base.

Blossoming Business: Sabra Landscaping's Growth Spurt

A strategic flyer distribution in an area with new houses attracted numerous customers seeking walkways and plant installations. With jobs lined up, I faced the challenge of not knowing how to implement these landscapes.

Peter Solti - breaking up concrete - Green Apple Landscaping
Peter Solti holding a green apple - Green Apple Landscaping

From Ads to Acumen: Navigating Landscape Installations

Placing ads in newspapers and universities, I hired experienced individuals to carry out the installations. Balancing high school, client meetings, and university studies, my days were long and demanding sometimes seeing clients to 9 pm and then studying till midnight.

A Green Legacy: Founding Green Apple Landscaping

Sabra Landscaping thrived for four years, even during my university education. Following its closure, I gained invaluable experience working for successful landscaping companies in Toronto over the next decade.

Today's Harvest: 28 Years of Green Apple Landscaping

Twenty-eight years ago, I took the leap once again, founding Green Apple Landscaping, a venture that continues to flourish. The journey from a young entrepreneur with a passion for the outdoors to the founder of a successful landscaping company is a testament to the rewards of diligence and hard work.

Peter Solti at site table - Green Apple Landscaping
Employee Jack Hammering Steps

Proverbs 13:4 Remains Timeless

As I reflect on this journey, Proverbs 13:4 remains a timeless reminder of the abundant blessings that come to those who embrace diligence.

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