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High Park North Front Pad Parking

Addressing the challenges of a steep-grade mutual driveway, our task was to craft a front yard parking solution that prioritized safety and accessibility. The client sought an alternative to navigating the slippery incline during winter and required a level parking pad for ease and security.

To achieve this, we navigated a series of hurdles. Securing a curb cut extension from the city was vital, allowing us to create a 1.47 meter extension that facilitated access to the parking pad without compromising street parking. Our initial design underwent adjustments to seamlessly align the pad with the steep driveway for the initial 8 feet, smoothly transitioning to accommodate the limited curb cut extension.

Successfully overcoming these complexities, we secured city approval, enabling the project to move forward. Despite the intricate challenges, the outcome showcases a captivating tiered design that significantly enhances the home's curb appeal.

Ultimately, our design harmoniously balances form and function, providing a safe and visually striking solution for the property.

High Park North Front Pad Parking