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High Park North Front Pad Parking

Challenging. This front yard parking pad was not our usual situation.

First, the grade of the existing mutual driveway was very steep. The client needed a solution that would allow them to get out of their car and walk up some steps instead of walking up the mutual driveway, which in the winter is treacherous to get up.

Add to this problem, the client needed a parking pad that was fairly level, again for safety reasons.

In order to accomplish both the above goals it required a curb cut extension which the city was only allowing if we could show that we were not eliminating a parking spot on the street. Fortunately, when the city came out to measure, they allowed us a 1.47 meter extension which now gave us access enough to enter the parking pad.

Our first design had to be amended in order to give the have the parking pad match the grade of the mutual for the first roughly 8 feet to give the required space to enter the mutual driveway and then angle over into the parking pad given the miminal curb cut extension that was allowed.

All these intricacies were accomplished and the city allowed the application to proceed.

The complex grades however do give an interesting tiered design that enhances the curb appeal of the home.

All in all, form and function were achieved.

High Park North Front Pad Parking