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Upper Beach 2 - Front Yard Parking Pad

This project involved enhancing the front yard of a residence in upper beach Toronto by adding a parking pad to alleviate the challenges of street parking, especially during peak times and weekends.

Considering the presence of a hydro pole, our design called for a diagonal parking spot, strategically positioned perpendicular to the shared driveway. Complicating matters, local regulations necessitated that the parking pad be located on private property due to permit parking restrictions on the street. This entailed navigating the Building Department's regulations and securing a variance from the Committee of Adjustments (COA) to meet zoning requirements.

We opted for a diagonal parking pad design for its ability to integrate greenery that provides a subtle barrier between the parked vehicle and the road, offering a semblance of privacy similar to that of a circular driveway. We eagerly await approval for this project and look forward to commencing construction.

Upper Beach 2 - Front Yard Parking Pad